lostlife. – a journey through space & time / AVAILABLE ON JUNE 28th.

lostlife. has joined Tōfu-kozō Records!

He signs his first cassette at your favorite tofu maker.
Limited cassette edition // 50 copies only.

Dear Hip-Hop Lovers,

First of all, I want to thank you for your great support. I hope  you’ll like my debut album. This tape is about ups and downs. It  combines all my previous works in a brand new project meant to show  who I am and what I stand for.

Please enjoy this cassette and stay tuned for all my upcoming projects.

With love,


The 23 y.o. German beat maker introduces us in his sweet melancholic  universe. In this debut album « a journey through space & time »,  lostlife explores the overwhelming of human feelings. Between punchy lofi & smooth jazz samples, every track is an attempt to escape  reality. Numbed in a indeterminate space-time, this cassette is all  about severity & gravity.

Are you tired of trap music?
Available on all digital platforms and limited cassette edition (50 copies only) on June 28th.