“a journey through space & time”, lostlife.’s first album is now available in 50 copies only! In this tape, lostlife. explores the overwhelming of human feelings. Between punchy lofi & smooth jazz samples, every track is an attempt to escape reality. Numbed in a indeterminate space-time, this cassette is all about severity & gravity.

Tofu family

"This tape makes you travel with its African sounds. With hip hop and jazz influences, those sounds are very chill to listen to. The first interlude is very nice and even the general construction of the album (with the title Anogal or Hump that I love a lot!). The whole album is a throw of positivity! Thank you "

Anogal – Lowqua

Himi-no-tsu – Tofu fan

"Izolda’s Tears seems to create those sounds so effortlessly, I sometimes wish I was this talented. I love the digital album, I love the cassette even more!"

Entr’acte – Izolda’s Tears

Fanus – Tofu fan

"Shugendo seems to be the chillest out of the Tofu-Kozo artists. A lot of these titles work in pairs. I think of Toshiro and Bambou which are very influenced by Asian melodies. Golf Swing and Circuit are very lofi. Le Bel Homme and バーバラ are very powerful and fat. And finally, Eyelashes Anata are sweet and dreamy. The only problem is that I'm now waiting for the second volume! "

Toshiro – Shugendō

ainat7 – Tofu fan

"You've done it again - exciting and new yet comfortingly familiar - engaging while chill - just right for driving or dancing or running or studying and above all very listenable."

Hug a Tree – Izolda’s Tears

aliyia – Tofu fan

"This shit is raw enough said ?"

Tōfu-kozō Records vol.1

Stef – Tofu fan

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