¬ First edition of the Imperfect cassette by Jalen

➤ Only 50 copies available!

//High Quality Cassette / IEC TYPE II / HIGH POSITION
//Tōfu-Kozō card with Hand-written personnal message
//Real-Time Pro-Dubbed Cassette
//Photo Quality J-Card & Label
//Iridescent Packaging Film

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jalen A.K.A. WAFFLE has joined us!

He signs his first cassette at your favorite tofu maker.
Limited cassette edition // 50 copies only.

At the crossroads of underground hip hop and lofi, sometimes at the limit of the vaporwave, our artist from Cleveland is known to have renewed the genre with the album “creeds”. Dreamy melodies, percussive drums, a grainy texture, compression and even more compression and a subtil wow: this is Jalen’s signature. Each of his album sounds like an archeological discovery, as if each soundtrack had been unearthed in a lost city.

In this new album – the first at Tōfu-kozō Records – jalen returns to a melodic, percussive and effective style. Allergic to quantization like J-Dilla, MF Doom or Madlib, each rhythmic pattern is unique and organic. In a divine simplicity, every little flaw makes all the charm of his music that is undoubtedly human.

released April 5, 2019

Warning: FatBeats from US inside this album.

Can hurt your sensibility.


All songs are produced & mixed by Jalen
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Cover design by Keith Heart &

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